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This week for Video Game Tuesday I’m covering a tool that was announced recently and should be awesome for indies in the future! It’s Amazon Lumberyard!

What?: Amazon Lumberyard is a currently in Beta and it’s a AAA game engine heavily based off CryEngine that is free except if the person chooses to use Amazon Web Services for multiplayer purposes. However since that’s an option not a requirement that means it’s essentially a free AAA game engine, that is comparable to getting to use CryEngine or Unreal Engine for free. That’s huge for the game industry as it means small companies can make games that have quality along the lines of heavyweights like Ubisoft or Square Enix. It’ll also be able to make games for PC and consoles, which again is huge. Now if they can update it to include Mac and Linux that will really shake up the industry quite…

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My Current Reading List!


Go to last link for a better and organized collection of LN+! I will update/ add more info of the ones I’m currently reading. First, I’ve got to figure out how to make spoiler tags… EDIT: Will get to work on this soon I swear!! I’ve been working on a final project for English and procrastinating on this  but no more! I’ll try to get to it… Friday on the 20th.

Yoraikun Translations
Tate No Yuusha no Narigari
Konjiki no Wordmaster
Hello Translations
Zhang Long (ch. 1 to 10)
Dou Po Cang Qiong (ch. 1 & 2)
Gravity Translations
Zhang Long (ch. 11 ~ )
Battle through the Heavens (ch. 3 ~ )

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Current Status (27/8/15): probably won’t update for a while.. (about ~4 month) T_T
because of meatbun studies..
uguu.. why does meatbun need to study about which veggies goes well with meat?? meatbun no like veggies! icky icky veggies go away~
on other news.. meatbun just got a new laptop! YAY~ maybe this time it’ll survive being in the oven a bit longer..
(30/9/15):sneaky update in class >:3 ..Mathlab hurts meatbun brain.. who’s bayesian? and how can meatbun classify which meat is tasty and which is icky.. Help! meatbun is hungry~ lol
(8/10/15): T_T i think meatbun is getting bald or something.. and it’s all the mid-terms fault! *pout*

Link updated on: 18/8/15
My interest of the week: Spectral Regalia at Royal Road
My interest of Last week: Live in New World at Royalroad (LNW)

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